JDM importation 2T

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Current inventory

JDM importation 2T is THE Canadian import/export specialist.  We mostly focus on rare two stroke machines which were destined to the Japanese and European market, however we are always happy to also get you exotic and reliable four stroke bikes in order to complement our growing inventory.  Between 1985 to 1999 the Japanese big four produced several machines which were never destined to the North American Market.  Except for some RGs, RZs, NS 400 Rs and a few other machines, few of these were ever sold in Canada up to now.  Few of us have had the privilege and opportunity to see, ride or even possess one of these awesome machines.

PRIX: $9999 Cad

NSR 250 MC-18, 6100km 1989, disponible, available now.

PRIX: $8499 Cad

1991 VFR 400 NC 30 with 55000 km, available now.

PRIX:  $10299 Cad